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"Are You Tired of Being Denied Credit? "

And Tired of Finding That No One Wants to Help You Understand Why?

In Credit Score Freedom You Will Learn Exclusive Ways To Quickly And Legally Improve Your Credit Scores So You Can Always Hear 'Loan Approved'.

Elaine had been through a divorce.  She had two small children to raise and was getting no help from her ex-husband.  They were getting along o.k. until life took its toll.  She developed a tumor behind one of her eyes.  Surgery was necessary to remove the tumor.  But, it was no simple surgery. 

 Live Debt Free

The process required removal of the eye just to get to the tumor in order to remove it.  Once the tumor was removed the eye was replaced.  Then it was necessary to stimulate the nerves of the eye in order for Elaine to regain her vision.  The healing process took months.  She missed a lot of work and racked up some hefty medical bills above and beyond what her insurance would pay.

Not long after she had recovered and gotten back to work it was necessary for her to have additional surgery, a thyroidectomy.  

Then as if life had not given her enough burdens to bear, the company where she had worked for 15 years downsized and she lost her job.

It wasn’t Elaine’s fault that she was soon buried in financial trouble with no way out. Her credit report became a mess and her credit scores dropped to an all time low. 

Years later Elaine fell in love with a small house she accidental stumbled upon one day. 

She called about the house having no idea how she was going to be able to buy it for herself.  Her angels must have been guiding her because she happened to call someone who had made a mission out of helping good people raise their credit score.  That person was me.

After following the instructions she was given to improve her credit scores, Elaine soon celebrated Christmas in her new home.  It was the first time in her 51 years that she had ever owned a home of her own.  Tears streamed down her cheeks as she was handed the keys and walked through the front door of her new home for the first time.

Plus her improved credit scores allowed her to get a new car and save $88.00 a month on her new car payments.

All of this would never have happened if Elaine had not had the privilege of knowing "The CreditLady’s" tips and techniques for raising her credit scores.

You too can have a new home, a new car and more with the techniques you learn about how to improve your credit score with Credit Score Freedom.

OK, Let me introduce myself.  Those that I have helped call me "The CreditLady".  And I am here to give you some very insightful and little known secrets for improving your FICO score.  

I have been a Mortgage Loan Consultant for years.  I have guided many people in making their FICO scores sky rocket. 

Early on in my career I became extremely frustrated and just plain out mad when I realized that good people just really have no place to turn to get real honest help with their credit problems.

I tried referring clients to Credit Repair Specialists and was really disappointed with the advice they were given.  In most cases their scores when down instead of up.

So I soon took matters into my own hands and resolved to help as many people as I could get their life back on track, have the things in life that they desire and regain the respect from others that they deserve.

As you can see from Elaine’s story your FICO Is Just
Like Having Extra Money In The Bank!

Not only that, you gain awesome respect from
others.  Doors of opportunity begin to open wider
and wider for you each day.

Imagine how much better your life would be if you had access to more money.

Everyone desires a better life.  You may think your problem is that you just don’t make enough money.  When in fact what is really holding you back is your credit score.

Don’t let your FICO hold YOU back another day?

Just about everyone who can, buys things on credit.  And those with good credit scores pay a lot less for things than those with bad scores.

A car payment for a new $24,000 car will be $690.43 for someone with poor credit and $469.59 for someone with good credit. 

That is $220.84 a month less that the person with good credit pays for their car payment than the person with poor credit. 

Over a five year period the person with good credit pays out $13,250 less than the person with poor credit. 

This is $13,250 that this person can use to buy more nice things they desire for themselves and their family. 

A house payment on a $150,000 home will be $528 a month less for the person with good credit than the person with poor credit.  And now adays the person with poor credit may not even be able to get a mortgage at all.

What could you buy each month with an additional $528?  Over the 30 year mortgage period this will amount to a difference of $190,000.  The person with good credit will buy a lot more things for themselves and their family with that extra $190,000 saved on their home alone.

The savings doesn’t stop with your car payment and house payment.  The poor credit person pays more for credit card interest, bank loans, retail store items bought on credit, etc.

Cell phone companies require a large deposit from someone with poor credit scores and this is just more money that you don’t have available to spend on other things you desire.

The bottom line is that people with good credit have more money to spend than people with poor credit, because they pay a lot less for everything that they buy.

Some people think that everyone else makes more money than they do.  Not really.  They can have more because they pay less.

 In this day and time to have all of the things that you desire out of life, it is almost essential that you buy items on credit.  Very few people pay cash for a new car or a new home.  Even the wealthy want to use other people’s money for all of their investments so that they can retain their cash for themselves.

So where do you stand?  Do you just barely get buy from pay check to pay check?

  • Do you rent?
  • Do you want to buy a new home?
  • Do you need a new car?  
  • Do you want to take a nice vacation? 
  • Do you just want more food on the table?
  • Do you want to send your children to college?
  • Do you need a new wardrobe?

Are YOU paying too much for the things that you do have, simply because your credit scores are poor?

Isn’t it time to let the proven methods in Credit Score Freedom make your dreams come true?

Like Elaine, you CAN raise your credit score and have a better life.  Yes, you may have made some mistakes in the past that have had a negative impact on your score.  But you don’t have to continue to pay for those mistakes the rest of your life. 

There are ways to fix your credit score.  You just need some guidance on how to get your scores out of the muck.

And that’s where "Credit Score Freedom " can help.

Paying off a bunch of old collections is not the answer.  And if you have not tried to increase your credit score in the past because you think you need a lot of money to pay off all those old collections; then wait no longer.  Paying off all your collections will probably lower your score anyway; not raise it.

I want you to have your dream home, that new car and all the other good things in life that good credit can bring you. 

When I first started working as a mortgage loan consultant I found that I had to turn down many applicants for new homes because their credit scores did not meet the minimum required to get a mortgage.  Or, if their scores met the minimum requirement, it was still so low that the interest rate they had to pay just to get into their new homes was almost twice as high as someone with good credit scores.  The higher interest rate would often keep them from even getting the loan at all because the house payment would be so high that they could not qualify because their debt to income ratio was then too high.

For instance, Jessie had a monthly income of $2002.00.  She only had a car payment of $319.  The house she wanted to buy was $84,900 including the closing costs.  Because her scores were so low the interest rate that she would be charged would make her house payment be $218.88 higher than if her credit score was good.  This house payment of $876.61 along with her car payment made her debt to income ratio to high to qualify for this small home that she so loved.  Had her credit scores been better she could have easily qualified.

The other thing that I begin to notice was that the people with low credit scores would have to pay much, much higher rates for their home insurance.  I had one couple that was quoted $1605 for insurance on an $89,000 house.  I asked the insurance agent why it was so high only to be told that insurance premiums are also credit score driven and that this couple’s low score was the reason for their high premium.   Insurance for this priced house should have been around $580.

I was personally meeting and talking with all of these people and would feel their disappointment when their loan was denied.  I could also see that with very high house payments, very high insurance payments and very high car payments that it was almost impossible for these people to ever get ahead in life.  Life would always be an uphill struggle for them. 

I began to realize that people with good credit have more money to spend on things that they want because they pay less for the things in the first place.

People who live in beautiful homes and drive fancy cars don’t pay cash for these things; they too buy them on credit. But, their good credit score ratings allow them to have more house for the same amount of money because their interest rate is much lower.  Take a look at the following table to see what I’m saying:

Price of House               Credit Score            Interest Rate              Monthly P&I

   $150,000                              580                        10.50                         $1,372.11

    $150,000                               680                          6.50                         $   948.10

The people that I had been working with were good people.  In most cases somewhere along the way life had just dealt them a seemingly unfair blow of some kind.

Some had gone through an ugly divorce and the spouse had
failed to make payments on a previous joint account.   This
was unbeknownst to the borrower until their credit was
reviewed for the new house loan.

Some had previous overwhelming medical bills for unexpected
and uninsured health problems.  Some in years past had lost a
job and was unable to keep their payments current during this

Some had simply gotten behind on their bills when their incomes
were affected by one spouse being in the service and suddenly
sent over seas.

I resolved to help these people to improve their credit scores and to turn their lives around for the better so that they would be able to buy a nice home at a decent interest rate.

I began referring these people to a credit repair specialist that we had on staff.  It was almost like they went into a deep dark hole.  After months I would check with her to see what progress she had made with my clients.  I was extremely disappointed with her results.

I decided to take things into my own hands.  I began to read all the credit repair material there was out there including the information published by the credit bureaus themselves. I began recommending to some of my clients that they take some of these steps to repair their credit and to improve their credit scores.  Boy was I surprised and embarrassed when their scores actually went down instead of up.

The more I worked with people to improve their credit scores the more frustrated I became with the credit bureaus and all their secrecy about their scoring models and what it was really going to take to raise their credit scores. 

What I found was that we were cleaning up people’s credit, but not raising their scores.

So, I began working with people one on one applying one change at a time, taking slow steps to see what actions would actually cause their scores to go UP; not down.  After about a year I had finally figured out the moves that would really raise someone’s credit scores.   Before long I began getting phone calls from people who said that their friend had told them to call so they too could buy a new home.

I have continued to apply these techniques to help hundreds of clients raise their credit scores and have a better life.

Here are just a few examples of success from users of the same information that you will find in your copy of Credit Score Freedom.

Myrene only needed to increase her middle score by 30 points to buy a house she really wanted. After following the same directions laid out in Credit Score Freedom, Myrene was able to improve her middle score by 34 points and get approved for a mortgage on a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home at a very decent interest rate with no money down.  And she still has quite a few collection items that she did not have to pay off to make this happen.
Making a correction to just one item, Jerome raised his credit score by 14 points.  That was all he needed to purchase the investment property that he wanted.
George and Doris were in their late 50’s.  They had never owned a home of their own.  A loss of job and a heart attack had forced them to file bankruptcy a few years earlier.  Their income was made up of disability retirement and social security.  Their daughter had created some collections on their crdit report by falsely using her mother’s social security number to get her utilities turned on and then failed to pay the bills.  By using the information in Credit Score Freedom  they were able to improve their credit scores and purchase a nice 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath home that they will be able to enjoy the rest of their lives.
Jay had no established credit.  His scores were zero. After following the instructions given in Credit Score Freedom Jay was able to establish alternative credit and was able to buy his first house after many years of renting.  Jay had a few collections and when they were paid off he still had zero scores.  His new house payment along with the other tips from Credit Score Freedom will build him a really high FICO before long.
Very good info that is presented in an organized and easy to understand manner.                                                                               JoAnne, Huntsville,AL 

I can tell you this, paying off all your collections is not the answer.  Knowing what I know now I can quickly tell a client what steps to take to raise their credit scores fast, so they can get into that new home, buy that new car or whatever it is that they so badly desire to have in life.

Raising your credit score is not hard and it can be done fairly quickly.  You just need to know what things to do and how to do them to increase your credit score.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the Credit Bureaus are in business to make a profit by collecting and providing credit information about you to prospective lenders.  They are not some government agency that is going to throw you in jail over your credit.  As a matter of fact, the government has put in place laws that protect your rights with regards to your credit and the credit bureaus. 

The credit bureaus are just like any other business.  They have employees and they make mistakes.  The difference is that they seem to take no responsibility for their mistakes that so greatly impact your lives.  Your credit score may be bad simply because someone else’s bad credit is on your file.  But it will take your time and effort to get all this corrected with no apologies from the credit bureaus for messing up your life.

I have put all my experience and knowledge into a detailed guide, Credit Score Freedom , so you too can experience the benefits of a good credit score.  I want you to be able to get into the dream home you want; or buy that new car you so desire and deserve.

I give you all the insider tips that I have acquired along the way so that you too can apply the same steps to raise your credit score fast.

I also share with you how to get one on one help from me to analyze your particular credit situation and recommend the specific steps in the guide that you need to apply in order to raise your credit score and make your dreams of a new home or new car come true.

Credit Score Freedom will give you all the details, including contact information, so we can work together on improving your credit score.

Now you might think that after all the time I have put into working with folks to come up with what really works to improve credit scores, that I would want a lot of money for this information.  You may even think that you might have to pay hundreds of dollars for this valuable information.  Not true.  Don’t forget that I’m just as frustrated as you are with the credit bureaus and the negative impact that their secrecy and mistakes has on good people’s lives.  I want to help as many people as I can to improve their credit scores and thereby improve their lives. 

Raise Credit Scores  

I have included in Credit Score Freedom all the tips and secrets that I have learned from years of working with others, like you, so you might be able to see your score go up, up, up.

And, I’ve made if very affordable so you too can make your dream of a better life come true.

Think what doors will open up for you when you have GREAT credit scores.

  • With a new home in a better neighborhood your children can have a better chance in life because of the better schools that they can attend
  • You can invite more affluent friends into your home
  • Affluent friends and the stability of homeownership bring better job opportunities
  • You can drive a safer, fancier car
  • You can have nice furniture
  • Investment opportunities open up to you
  • Vacations
  • and much, much more……….


 buying your first home image

I know, your thinking this is going to cost a fortune. I know other products like this can cost as much as $197. For those who truely need help, I think a more reasonable price would be $47. But, because I have personally worked with so many people and have seen the pain of their situations, I want to help as many people as possible. So for now, I'm going to mark the price down to just $37. And that includes the special bonus offered below.

As you can see in the past this product has sold for $47 and during special promotions for $37.

However, since improved credit scores are so important during these hard economic times I want to do my part in helping the economy get back on track and to help people like you get into a home of your own or, that car that you need. So, for a limited time I am going to offer this helpful information to you for the greatly reduced price of just $17.

So download your copy of Credit Score Freedom instantly and get started right now Raising Your Credit Score to Financial Freedom and get yourself back on the road to recovery.


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After completing your payment you will be directed to a page where you can instantly download your copy of Credit Score Freedom and get started improving your credit scores right away.

If you have any problem after purchase downloading your copy of Credit Score Freedom just send an email with your Receipt Transaction id to and we will be happy to assist you.

Credit Score 60 Day Guarantee

If you follow the steps outlined in Credit Score Freedom you will be able to raise your credit score in just 60 days.  And to be fair you may return the Guide anytime within this 60 day period for a 100% refund.  I take all the risk so you can raise your credit scores and put more money into your life by paying less interest on all your major purchases.


Think about it.  What would you do if your credit score was not holding you back? 

Would you go on a nice vacation with the extra money?

Would you send your child to college some day? Think how proud you will be on graduation day!

Would you join the ranks of the affluent and walk proudly through life?

Your life would certainly be a lot easier!

Whatever your goals, let’s get your life back on the good track! Order your copy of Credit Score Freedom and get started right NOW!

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increase credit score

(Updated with Fair Isaac FICO Scoring Model Changes effective Jan., 2009)
(Updated with latest credit score information as of June, 2012)

Thank you,

  "The CreditLady"

  Mortgage Loan Consultant
  Increase Your Credit Score Now


What is a Good Credit Score

 P.S.  This could be you in just a few short months - sporting a lot higher credit scores.


LastName, FirstName                                         Bureau - Product Code                          Score

SAMPLE, HOWARD 111-22-3333                  XPN - Experian/Fair, Isaac Model              686

SAMPLE, HOWARD 111-22-3333                  EFX - FACTA BEACON 5.0                           670

SAMPLE, HOWARD 111-22-3333                  TUC - FICO CLASSIC 98                               702



P.P.S. Don’t forget, it’s Guaranteed. It will only take you about 60 days. Any time during this 60 day period you think Credit Score Freedom isn’t everything I’ve said, return it for a full refund! You can’t lose.  And you won’t lose. You get the Credit Score Freedom Guide and the free assignments.  You will succeed.

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